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What you can expect from working with Upswing Real Estate

Upswing Real Estate is a very unique Real Estate Company in that it considers every ANGLE of your property search. Sure, the perfect turnkey home is always desirable -not having to worry about repairs, about clearance of title conditions, or anything else that might stop you from moving into your home. But, is it possible to consider a moderate fixer-upper in a different area, for a lesser price and have more of an upside walking into this property? With our current pandemic conditions, Working from a Remote Location has introduced this possibility. A house for sale in Ontario, CA can possibly offer its own unique set of advantages in comparison to a house for sale in Glendora, CA. And the same goes for a home for sale in Hacienda Heights CA as opposed to a home for sale El Monte CA. This, along with many other factors, can alter your purchasing behavior to something you may have not known that may be ideal for your own unique situation. Working with Upswing, you will find that we will leave no stones left unturned, no question is too “out-of-the-box” and we are constantly working to put you in the most favorable position in the real estate transaction process.

It is not enough, or at least we don’t think so, to just give you a list of properties, make appointments, make offers and go into escrow. Let’s dance a little bit. Upswing Real Estate fully embodies the idea of elevating your circumstance. You are going from your present on a trajectory moving upward. You are renting, now you are looking to own. You have a duplex, now you are looking for a 4 plex. A house for sale in West Covina, in itself, can be your own personal upswing right? You have a home and investment property and now you’re looking for a warehouse, a building with office space to start your next venture. Everything about riding the curve up is what we aim to help you in accomplishing. A house for sale in downey can absolutely turn into a profitable investment for years to come.

Fully versed in all areas of Real Estate, Upswing guided by Erick Valencia will guide you on anything from finding the best contractors, to talking about the possibilities of Airbnb. See, Real Estate is a big umbrella and underneath is a wide array of property types, investment opportunities, and portfolio diversification. My network includes everyone who could potentially be of service, even if its as great Encinitas realtor! We are here to help you and have different types of conversations when it comes to Real Estate. Looking for simple staging advice, I can do that for you too!

What does it mean to work with the BEST Realtor? But more importantly, what does it mean to YOU? What are your Real Estate goals? When you type in house for sale in chino what do you expect to see? What’s important to you about this life-changing decision you’re about to make. Are you looking for the best school district in the area, are you looking for 4 bedrooms? Since we are living in Southern California, I’m sure traffic is also something to consider, right? These are only some of the questions to consider when you’re about to embark on the search for the perfect home. We will help you to find your PERFECT house for sale in pomona or one of many homes for sale in pasadena ca.

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